What a fine episode.

To name a few, we discuss how certain STDs have become anti biotic resistant, our thoughts on multiple part films, Justin Bieber and his totally okay pot smoking, the worst smells we can think of, and our favourite guilty pleasure pop songs. 

If you love the walking dead as much as I do, you'll look at this sub reddit.

Here's the iTunes link for the BBC radio 1's Live Lounge covers for 2012...seriously some awesome stuff. 

We briefly talk about gun control but quickly let it rest because we're not really here for that kind of redonk. Because the lack of it in the States is redonk. 

Thank you so much for the ask.fm questions! We answer some of those too!


To wrap up 2012 we decided the smartest decision would be to get drunk and talk about what we loved and hated about 2012. Some categories we somehow nailed down were:

- Worst fashion case for women & men 
- Best night in
- Best film, album, video game, shit like that..
- Biggest let downs
- Some 2013 aspirations and GOALZ

And others I have forgotten about.

Some big plans for this show in 2013...we shall be joining the spillway.ca network which involves pretty much everything neat coming out of Ottawa in terms of podcasts and blogs, definitely a worthy click, dig?

Music throughout the show is "Taper Jean Girl" by Kings of Leon. Mad cool track.

I didn't bother setting up the studio microphones because that's harder than math when you've had some drinky winkies.

Peace and love from your handsome hostesses.


I WOULD LOVE to hear your opinions on this episode in terms of your choices for some of these categories as well as what you generally think of the show.

The start of this podcast is really immature and offensive and we don't even care.