So let's pick it up. I am now at Kanata Honda watching the good old band wagon get lifted up and beautified for winter. I really like Honda to be honest. They are quick with their services and don't charge an arm and a leg. Also for a winter tire switch, oil change with filter replacement and brake inspection (and probable replacement) it's going to be under 3 hours. That's quite quick. I remember when we had a Subaru about a year back and just a service and headlight replacement was close to 5 hours. It was really just generally the dumbest amount of time required. Also there was this classic sleazy car salesman whose hair was awful and to which mine probably now closely resembles.


Some fine friends and I went down to Toronto this weekend mainly for a headlining concert of my favourite band without question, the Gaslight Anthem. Seeing them twice in 3 months was pretty radical. They're just...so good. I can't really explain it. It'd be like explaining who your favourite band is. Because to you it's not just music, you know? You appreciate the people in the band as well as the music itself. How it takes you from nothing to something. The show was utterly fantastic, 2 hours long and all my FAV TUNES were played live right in front of me (there was no way we weren't snagging the front rail) and then we went home with a buzz on. The lads of the Anthem were on fire, cracking jokes left and right and sincerely enjoying themselves. They played well, too. If I had a song to recommend for a first time listener...just youtube the band name and click whatever pops up you probably won't be disappointed and if you are get the hell off this blog (it's okay if you're not a fan) (no it's not). 

This lady across from me is breathing so loudly. I wonder if she is sleeping with her eyes open. Like Gandalf. 

Roaming Toronto was pretty fun. I'm not usually a big fan of larger cities but nonetheless there was lots to look at. We brought my video camera but we were too dumb to actually roll it when we were in Toronto so we just took videos (Graeme took videos) while driving to and fro which you can watch here. Sushi happened, Gracie's happened (that DID happen, right?) and practically burning our disposable income happened.

Now that I'm back, I don't really know what to say. My family gets back on the 7th after being gone since August and I really have no idea how I'm going to react. It will be fine I just know my dad will head back to work VERY grudgingly.

I need a bloody haircut.

I play a coffee house tonight and have zero idea what song to perform, but it'll be Gaslight. Probably.


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