Hello all I realize it's been an age since I've thrown any of my usual garbage up on this site so heeeeere we go cats and kittens.

Fact is, Spring is here. I'm in a boring class that I have just evaluated the shit out of it and it's not pretty. I'm in a Canadian tuxedo because sometimes you just have to indulge. There's a girl with one of those weirdly long silk skirts that are see through so it ends up looking more like a weird turquoise cape. Like a fabulous disco Batman. Anyhow. Patios are sprouting, the call for a midday drink beckons loudly but we have the looming crush of exams to deal with. Life is chalk full with weights that don't balance out so you pick a side and vow to find redemption for all your wrong actions later, because sometimes that middle balance point only tears you apart straight down the middle. 

There was a day in March of last year that was weirdly warm. To the point shorts and tank tops were necessary. To the point wearing a swim suit and going tanning was the only conceivable option on how to deal with it all. I ended up on one of my best friend's rooftops surrounded by sunshine and...all my other good friends. I can't really explain in full how amazing of a day that was but I'm going to try. It was a day where all various groups of friends somehow found the time to come together and celebrate the day together. It was a day where people who didn't really know each other all that well suddenly did. It was a day where regardless with who you were involved with in any kind of fashion, you got along because you knew this shit was special. After making a game time decision, a long haired friend with a jeep and I raced to the beer store to fetch 36 Coronas and some ice, because again, it was the only option. Did we get paid back? Ha, no. Did we think we would? Not really. We supplied what was needed to make that day all the more enjoyable. It was so enjoyable to the point where my best friend/roommate had to leave for work but didn't even bother asking if we'd be here when he got back, because of course we would. We yelled from the rooftop at the weirdly large groups of runners going down Goulbourn to Somerset because it felt right at the time, and they yelled back because holy hell why not. 

After watching a glorious sunset it was obvious we had to go to the bar is it was a Wednesday and that can only mean...kareoke. I'll be honest, I was so booze and sun drunk at that point it was the last thing I had wanted to do, but I'm glad I reluctantly put on some trousers and dragged myself up the hill to Osgoode. Songs were sang shittily, drinks were provided for all because of money placed in accounts by caring mothers, and life rolled on. 

We did it right that day, guys. 

On another note, when I've been finding time and inspiration I've been laying down some pretty rough and tumble demo tracks that I've compiled into a 5 tracks wee album EP thingerdoodle you can download that I've named Demonstrations, and you can download completely for frizzle or just stream right here. It's some first look and listen ideas that I liked enough to do this with, so it'd be pretty cool if you gave it a listen just for kicks. Hoping to really dig in with it this summer. There's a Bruce Springsteen cover on there too. FOR A LITTLE TASTERDOODLE here's a track off it called "Factory" that I wrote about not speaking up when you feel something and how nine times out of ten it will cause you some serious grief down the line, but you keep on a-truckin'. But I feel lame telling you why I write songs so just listen to them and clap because that would make me feel really good and I'll for sure kiss your babies when you decide to have them. 

Ya'll are beautiful. More blogs soon because I like to write and pretend you read all of it. 

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Again, check us out on bandcamp for a free little downloaderdoodle right here