Everyone does their own thing in the morning. Some are motivated enough to wake up earlier than usual and get some work done, others to go work out, others to make an unusually glorious breakfast that is time consuming. Fact is, I was supposed to be awake at 5am to go open Second Cup but a fine friend switched shifts with me so I could enjoy the Who concert last night in full time glory. 

My morning started at 10am with a incredibly lacklustre attempt of getting my laptop out of my backpack with one hand (that took a WHILE) to write this as well as see what kind of facebook action happened overnight. I really don't use facebook that often anymore except for the sole purpose of messaging friends. facebook is annoying. facebook causes useless drama because some girl you don't know liked your boyfriend's picture and is a definite cause to believe she wants to fondle his chopper and nibble his ear. Lads, don't ever leave your facebook open to a girl's profile and walk away for someone else to see it. That means you've no doubt gone through every single photo she has up on there dating back to the high school dance with her first boyfriend but that's alright, because now you know what you're up against. Spend your time elsewhere, like writing a shitty blog (hehe). 

I really do love the morning time but there are some days when you just mutter "fuck it" and refuse to leave your bed, even if you know you really need a shower or  your stomach is making you nauseous because it's like "yeah..still need to get fed.". Graeme is still asleep (it's 11:54am) so there's that. What a..trooper..yeah.

I have this thing where I refuse to stay in bed past noon (I'm sitting on my bed now HA). Sometimes I wake up past noon, more often than not after acting the fool at a local cocktail party, but that's alright. I find myself waking up early because I am just so very excited to road trip to Toronto this weekend. I've never found myself really wanting to visit the big Canadian city but for some reason...I am really thrilled to be going. 

Anyhow, I've killed 2 episodes of the Walking Dead (all caught up now!) and it's time to shower and hit the workplace with similar lacklustre to the one armed laptop jiggle. 

Fake smiles, fake problems, expensive coffees. 

Keep the memories in your bones.



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