So after a lot of thought and revising I decided to delete my tumblr account because I hadn't been there for a very long time and I just wasn't using it for me anymore. It became a game of reblogging and seeing how many likes I could get, who would reblog it etc. Typing things without saying names but you wanted the unnamed to read it and feel lit. Whatever, I won't get that here. 

So this is where I'll write things about my life and what I'd like to achieve! School is starting up soon, and I've dropped down to part time status because I need to take a step back and figure out what it is I'd like to do. Also, it seems I've discovered many new hobbies over the last year I'd like to devote more time to and hopefully see results...namely writing. This is going to sound lame...but I've also discovered the internet. I made a youtube account, I'm getting into creating videos about gaming and I'm getting more and more ambitious ideas to do short films, potentially one about the change of adolescents' views on music and how much it plays into their lives and- okay I'm getting carried away. I just have all the means right in front of me to pursue these ideas but I've just been too scared and lazy. Scared lazy. Whatever. 

I've recently made contact with people I use to game with from San Diego, California who have pretty successful youtube channels and have given me many pointers, so I'll be getting heavily into that once I'm downtown more often than not. I recently joined an online gaming group called Shack Tactical who are well known on the internets and youtubes for their ArmA2 gaming, which is a hyper realistic military simulator. We get together on Wednesday and Saturday nights and play intense missions with usually over 100 people on their server. So full out battles with insane amounts of planning and precision go down. I'm really excited to be part of it. You can watch a video of a typical mission from one of our Corporals here. And this is Shacktac's website.

Besides that...I'm flying out of Victoria BC at midnight tonight..landing back home in Ottawa for 9am and hopefully making it to work for 10! Red eye night and I'm feeling alright.  


Team Zissou

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