It's climatology class which means it's time to blog. 

On Friday I handed in a paper on how the legalization of prostitution in Amsterdam has shaped its city space and economy that was worth 40% of my grade in that class. I had been slaving all week staying up later then I ever have for homework every night of the week but I feel it is a solid B level paper. I would like to thank editor in chief of PC Gamer magazine Mr. Logan Decker, a rock legend, for taking the time to proof read it and throw me ideas..they went a long way! That is a pretty huge deal to me and I think it's cool to become good acquaintances with someone solely through the internet and similar interests. Logan, you're pretty.

Needless to say Friday night I let bloody loose. A fine friend of mine and her pretty roommates decided to host a cocktail party involving flattering attire and tasty appetizers. Mixing gin and tonics on the side porch in the dark was a fascinating experience as you never quite knew how much gin was going into the was like a fun surprise every time. As I finished cans of tonic water I would drunkenly throw them at what I thought was my car parked on the curb. Sarah, the fine friend and one of 4 hostesses came outside and promptly told me I cannot throw cans at cars, to which I retorted "Sarah it's not a crime to throw cans at my OWN car!"

I drive a silver mini van (and I'm proud of that).

The car being hit with my empty tonic water cans was a hot red 2 door coupe.

Go fucking figure.

FROM THERE was the arrival of my roommate and other half Graemeth as well as the unexpected arrival of a friend we have all been missing, Christineth. Shots of tequila from the bottle and impromptu wine occurred and by that time I was feeling bloody ridiculous. A sober friend, Taylor, drove us to the Elgin Street Diner where a completely unneeded breakfast sandwich was consumed and a second sandwich ordered to go which I drunkenly delivered to a hostess who said she was hungry. After that...blur. I awoke with what felt like twin horns growing out of my head and the car in the driveway, so I'm assuming it got there 100% legally. (It did)

I left the righteous Temple at 3:15 pm and the Sun was already setting. I didn't mind though, this was what I needed and wanted after such a week of stressful nights and pounding the backspace button cursing my thoughts and ideas for not being academically astute enough. 

Saturday night was the 007 Drinking game with Graemeth. Slept until noon, went home, saw Skyfall, drank wine, slept until 7am today and here I am.

This week is filled with a lack of stress and good times. Wednesday night is the Who show which should be absolutely unreal. Unfortunately I'll be missing my favourite local bands and a ShackTac session but such is life sometimes. This weekend is a road trip to Toronto to see a headlining Gaslight Anthem show, which will probably be the best concert of my entire life. So far. I don't go to Toronto often but I have a good feeling about this visit! Seeing some fine friends and taking some with me as well. 

I hope you all have a grand week as well. If you've got term papers, pound them. Ask friends for insight or to take a look at it. Another set of eyes really helps you out, it seems. 

Keep the memories in your bones.


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