I do this thing where I have no idea what I'm doing, right? I've got about 3 cups of REALLY good coffee in me (Clearly) and am thinking a mile a minute and acting on things in ways one probably should not. You try and keep it suave and you tip over the edge and act a fool. This is rambling. As in like WHAT I AM TYPING RIGHT NOW is rambling. I am in an incredible boring lecture doing this right now and I do not believe I have ever typed so fast. I'm in a weird spot, recently returned from my Africa trip and don't really know what to make of it all. Christ. I am torn between old and new and there are a ton of things about to land on my plate that I haven't even cleaned yet.

Episode 6 of the podcast is up. Listen listen...

It really sucks when you're not in the same boat. It really really sucks. 

I have a midterm on Thursday? Fuck me, right?

It's okay if you didn't get this post because neither the fuck did I. 

Here's a cool picture of me being neurotic showing off my moustache, roots watch, Skate4Cancer hat and Rydell tank top. Rydell is fucking rad. So is S4C. So is roots. So is my 'stache

real post soon. or not. ha. k.

There's a video of me playing Gaslight's "45" in the post below this one how cool is that.

shut up, Marco.


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