afternoon, lads and lasses.

quick update: an hour ago i got back from a run i decided to do in the pouring bloody rain. by the time i even made it to the Rideau Canal i was completely drenched, and i made the silly mistake of wearing a white t-shirt, so i felt quite stupid, and pretty slutty. it went well, my ipod and headphones are in a bowl of rice just to be safe (rice dries things out, for the record). i then took a bloody hot shower and realized showering while already totally soaked is incredibly anticlimactic. 

so now i am here, at my workstation desk looking out onto a rainy templeton street watching cars go by and that silly cat that lives across the way. a cup of hot rooibos (afrikaans for "red bush", how 'bout it, then?) and some ideas i've formulated about last night, which i really enjoyed. 

the main point here is that it really does not and should not take much for one to enjoy a friday night. alcohol is something i do like to consume with a good group of people, but i've made a new rule for this year called "i need to earn a drink" by doing...i don't know..a good shift at work, or going to a lecture and actually taking something from it, which i believe i did this first week of school. it began with a bottle of Cava (Spanish bubbly) on the balcony of the temple with the roommates. we popped it into the street and before taking a sip said where we'd like to be in a years time, and they all seemed realistic which is good. we then proceeded to have some wine and get ready to head off to the static good times that occur at the one and only stewart street. good times, met some new people, made a new facebook friend and reserved first time judgements and will re-look into them when we meet again. Daniel Taccone, official dudebro of stewart street touches into this on his latest blog post HERE (shameless plug). 

lots of wine, photos and good conversation eventually lead to hoofing it down to the DTC (DownTownCore)to explore bar possibilities. it's always a job and a half trying to get everyone moving but it eventually happens. we lost a few on the way to the lack of planning and the ever hardening rain fall, but we ended up the trusty pier, then mcdonalds, then home. 

i don't know, running around the market with the rain trying to find people i found to be really fun for some reason. i ended up all alone at one point, with no texts being returned from people i knew where close by, so i just wandered and ran into people. it was warm, a nice limelight, steady rain that kept the streets cool, and warm entrances to crowded bars with people trying to find some shelter and a good drink. i don't know, it just really made knowing this was Ottawa and my hometown really invigorating, that while i was wandering around completely empty streets with seemingly nothing going on, there was everything going on behind every door. all the bars were hopping. all the smiles stretching and the hearts warming. well maybe not all, but that's what i liked to think at that given moment. i'm trying hard to be more of an optimist these days. 

i do hope you all had a fun friday night, if you were taking it easy and going out tonight...i'm sure it will still be raining. 

as for me, i'll be taking the graveyard shift at second cup on laurier, so feel free to stop by and charge up before hitting the town. 

rain makes it perfect.


team zissou

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