I love writing. I really do. I like the physical aspects of typing on a nice keyboard. Especially mechanical ones. Those are the ones that are really clicky. like the annoyingly loud ones. macbook keyboards can do the trick. 
i love a good pen on good paper. nice thick, rougher paper. the real shit. the kind that makes a scratchy noise when you write on it even with the smoothest tipped pen. sketching paper is like that. i buy hardcover sketchbooks to write songs in because i associate normal paper with writing normal things like equations and why i think oil spills are bad. 

with the love for writing naturally comes the love for reading. lately i have been reading more and more things online, mainly blogs. i really enjoy them. even if it's someone i've never heard of before or isn't really anyone..well known i guess? (comme moi) it's still really entertaining and engrossing to read what is on someone's mind or a story. 

however, when i mean blog, i really do mean like...a blog. something like this, and by this i mean solely words (except for fun little selfies like miiiine). you know, reading. i don't mean people's tumblrs. i don't hate tumblr, i just kind of woke up one day and was like "yeah, i don't really get it." and moved on. i like reading stories too, and interviews. 

i've been spending a lot of time on reddit's AMA thread, because that can be incredibly hilarious but also educational. some seriously good stories. the blog i most recently found that is really quite good is one by the drummer of the Gaslight Anthem, Benny Horowitz, which you can find here. it's good writing that one outputs when they can't sleep, which is when i find it's easiest to formulate those deep thoughts into words. he writes about life as a travelling musician, but also general happenings and world views north americans have but also ones placed upon us. 

what blogs do you like? topic specific ones or just general ones where people write whatever about whatever? shoot me some ones that you enjoy, and if you have one i'd love to check it out! you can leave a comment or hit me with some on my twitter. i'm open to pretty much anything except blogs by celebrities. the reason for that is it's very easy to spot things they don't actually mean and are only writing to please the masses. that's understandable, but they are only human like us (i KNOW, right?!) so just write like one. 

i recommend trying it out. 
just write it down.

clicky clicky.

team zissou


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