hellooooooooo monday. i jolted awake at 4:30am thinking i felt as if it were much later and that i had missed my opening shift, and thus lost my job. it's weird to open your eyes and immediately be the pessimist. the fact is i had a full hour and 15 minutes before i had to even shamble up the road to work. i lay there until 5:15am pondering how bad it would be if my dream state event actually unfolded in reality, and that was enough to get me up and moving to prevent that ever happening. 2 glasses of OJ and a bagel later i was walking in my full black attire to the workplace to make heavy milky drinks people don't actually need in a large size and half sweet latte modifications that people can't notice. if you are willing to pay 5.25$ for a large flavoured latte that will be luke warm by the time you are half way through it, you are an idiot. for the record, there is more caffeine in coffee than espresso. if you really want to get jolted awake, have a cup of coffee. or get real and just do espresso shots. as soon as the milk hits the espresso it loses its kick in under 30 seconds. keep that one in mind. moving forward.

a girl named Tanya left a coffee cup sleeve at the table she was sitting at on saturday when i closed the store down. the sleeve said that i should text her, followed by a smiley face and a number. although i have no idea who this girl is or what she looks like, i found that to be very flattering and smooth. that doesn't happen much anymore, does it? unfortunately i do not believe i will pursue this number but it will be one for the books. moving forward.

friday night was the world infamous Stittsville Show, where a bunch of bands play this tiny room in a basement for fun and no one really cares how good anyone sounds. it's fun to meet up with friends of old and thrash around and support each other. the nice boys in Rydell were there doing what they do best, and it sounds like they've done really well for themselves with their newly released EP that you can and should find here. before them played another local band i had never heard of before called Neighbours (find their demo here), and they killed it. they dropped a blink 182 cover and were generally really tight and fun, even if they did have to tell these two drunken idiots to stop grabbing at their fan girls (no, i was not one of them. maybe.). all flies at the rock show. the singer shouted "please don't hold any animosity to anyone for what goes on in the pit!" and jump kicked into another fast paced single pedal punk song. they sounded like friday night. moving forward.

saturday night was the Tanya sleeve and suiting up with some old friends post workplace. they're a pretty rad group of individuals i became very close with during high school and it's awesome that we can all still pick it up after so long and just enjoy ourselves. my friend Jessica, god bless her, had a few (a lot) glasses in her and when i showed her the Tanya sleeve exclaimed at the top of her lungs "TANYA AND HER SEXY PUSSAY" and i didn't really know how to feel. sorry Tanya. the lads and i went ahead and polished off a half bottle of Canadian Club whiskey and then our minds went ahead and fucked off. all i know is ended up eating a poutine, not paying attention to my phone as much as i should have and somehow not staining my blazer. 

i have my first 10+page paper due this friday and i haven't even started thinking about it. i've fired off the outline to my ultra smart sister and father and am hoping they channel their gifts into my mind and i can let the fingers fly. after this week i am pretty much home free until finals and plan on obliterating the universe friday night. that's pretty much all there is to me right now.

it would be really cool if you gave those bands a listen. no, they don't sound like Bon Iver or Mumford. no, it's not really something you'd listen to before going to sleep but it's good music and you should always keep your ears open to the locals. they're good guys putting themselves out there and trying something really daring that they'll sink thousands of dollars into before seeing one penny back. but, it's pretty obvious they're doing what they love which i think is a lot more than we can say about what we do day to day (schhoooooooooool)

thanks for reading!

keep the memories in your bones.



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