Rainy days seem to amplify the pain and nauseating twinges one gets after a night of heavy indulgence. My head has since cleared from last night and the realization of things I did push through and I just kind of say…”that’s a shame”. I really need to watch myself sometimes…making a fool of yourself and overspending isn’t such a fond sentiment to wake up to, but it always seems like a fabulous idea at the time. On top of the world but really just under the influence. Go figure.

On a slightly more positive note, Friday night went really well and something kind of magical happened. It was a good friend’s birthday and we all made the hike to Pub 101 for a night of drinkery and good times. Upstairs was a funny sight…the floor above “upstairs” was packed as that holds the dancefloor and DJ, but the middle floor we were on was quite empty save a few dark tables and a 2 man band. One fellow playing a very quirky guitar and the other on a jazz kit. They were playing really great recent rock songs as well as the classics. 2 men yet so much sound. We all sat down while eyeing these men weirdly resting on the fact that with a group this size there was nowhere else to sit down. More songs played and more drinks were served, and the birthday boy was content.

When they launched into a blink 182 song I decided to take my roommates girlfriend for a spin on the dancefloor and we enjoyed some high paced ballroom waltzing and LOTS of spins.

We were dancing to rock and roll.

Suddenly, others from our soiree group were up and moving, smiling and laughing at how ridiculous it was to be dancing to this music instead of steady bass beats leading to a “drop”, or whatever. But we were all having so much fun, and that’s all there really was to it. People from the floor above us would walk down from the “real” dancefloor and realize this was the place to be! Where the fun was. Where it wasn’t about eyeing a hot number and seeing how much of her you could touch while “dancing”.

Before I knew it our whole crew was pushing chairs and tables aside and grooving out. When we needed a break we’d sit but sing out our lungs’ fill.

Sam Roberts wrote “the kids don’t know how to dance to rock and roll” but that’s just it. There are no “moves”..you just…move. You feel it and roll with it, you can dance with your friends’ girlfriends and you won’t get scrutinized because the only thing your touching are her back and hands…with only your hands. It’s the music that won’t die because there’s no learning curve, it just explains who you are and what you feel. It’s lasted a long time and just…flows.

It’s the music that was playing when your parents were falling in love.

Keep the memories in your bones, and thanks for a grand weekend. My coffee is kicking in and this action movie is letting out some aggression that I’m feeling towards myself for acting such a fool.

That’s what a Friday night should be like. 


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