Passive aggressiveness that is unreasonably directed is something I am seeing wear me down presently. It's incredibly difficult to not notice and to shut out, and even more frustrating as to why  an individual feels the need to unjustly take the side of the person in question hopefully thinking that silently being an asshole will result in a positive outcome. Allow the relationship between the two people who are going through an uncertain time in their lives to remain between them and leave your bullshit idea of an opinion out of it. If in your eyes I did something "wrong" to your friend by being honest with them, you can think that, sure, but it is not your call to make or to voice it. If you actually think I just nonchalantly cut a chord to an entire new network of friends I took 7 months to get to know, you clearly don't feel like being one of them. 

And that's sad. That's really fucking sad. Not only for you, but for me. 

It's just quite unfortunate to watch as all the people I was introduced to and the people I brought introductions to carry on their relationships as I get to sit on the sidelines reminiscing. Ridiculous. My only wish is that someday people watching can wake up and realize sometimes it just doesn't work out. 

Sorry for not being Hollywood. 


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