writing entries on the actual website editor doesn't autocorrect my capitals so i'm saying "fuckitYOLO" and not capitalizing anything anymore because i'm a hater. 

i notice my interests go through incredibly heavy phases. by this i mean i'll be hardcore interested in one thing that is usually a broad topic and get into every aspect of it. this may be potentially and completely normal but i paused today and realized that about myself. 

for instance right now i am really into war movies, stories and stats. they can be amazing and/or really sad, and i don't know..it's just really interesting stuff. i'm watching the HBO series "The Pacific" and liking it so far, and i'm looking at all these crazy pictures of crazy vehicles. did you know there was a vespa modified to carry a huge rocket launcher to blow up tanks? that's 50cc's of pure fucking terror. if you don't know what a vespa is, go away. this all no doubt has to do with my new friends in shacktactical but whatever maaaan it's good to know some military history. impresses those scary army dads who don't want you near their daughters. 

i'd like to also say that it's entirely possible to become really good friends with someone online. some may think that sounds lame but i really think it's doable. it's just modern day pen palling. which was a hell of a lot more romantic but whatever i can type fastish. i don't think i'd ever do the online dating thing aw hell no. just stalking around. 

anyways, some of my favourite war flicks are as follows
- black hawk down ( amazing cast )
- we were soldiers ( mel gibson is glorious jog on haters)
- the thin red line ( interesting take on soldier's minds ) 
- cold mountain ( kind of a war movie jog on haters i weep )
- saving private ryan ( the title of this movie gets weirder every time i say it out loud )
- the patriot ( see 2nd entry )

there are a lot more but if you want to see war flicks that aren't all BANGBANGBOOM and actually get inside your head and make you feel something these are some good ones. i also like these ones because although there may be technically main characters they do split up camera and voice time pretty well between all of them. also they're not all like "heck yeah we beat the other guys and the good guy lives" endings. which is good and realistic. 

so if you care at all about what i'm spending some free time on this is it...i'd love to know what you guys are into as of now as well! leave a comment i set it up so it's easy!

..please leave a comment?

TempleRadio episode 4 is coming very soon as well i promise, thanks again guys a ton of you are listening and downloading it's an amazing feeling. 

the day Graeme returns as my main ballerstack cohost fast approaches. winter is also coming, if you're into that kind of shit.


team zissou. 

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