It's nearly 1am and I must arise at 7am in order to make my car service appointment at 8am in Kanata. I don't know why I do this to myself, but lately I've just been incapable of good rest or sleep. Stared at a lot of highway this weekend, and way WAY too much coffee. Of course this is a slippery slope as you wake up feeling like a train wreck and then buy more coffee...

Anyways, entertain me with this post and make me feel better about weekend induced insomnia. 

Sayings I hate:

"Dope"-most uses of the term. Mainly: "that's dope" or "most dope". Shut up. You're not Mac Miller. He is a plug. Don't be a plug.

"Reach"-mainly "hope you guys can reach tonight." "It'd be dope if Tdawg could reach tonight" "I'm at goodlife. Reaaaaaach". Just..say what you mean to say. How's the fohawk?

"Grab"- mainly "Let's go grab." Just say you're going to purchase alcoholic beverages. Just say that.

"Mucking"- think mommy would be happy to know you enjoyed "mucking her meal?". Personally I'd think you were doing something completely different with mommy. 

Sayings I love:

"Plug."- see all sayings above.

Fight me.

Here's a really great photo Graeme snapped of my dog and I this morning. 

I'm going to bed. Real post laaaaatteeeeeeerrrrrr.


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