Yes yes Mr. Climatology. The world is burning before us and yet we sit here with our 4 digit laptops and full screen phones sending emoticons to lovers and talking behind each other's backs. 

Let's talk about being YOUNG, right? YEAH being a fucking WILD CHILD, YEAH. There is a very fine line of going wild on a weekend or a certain celebratory event and having a good time, and being a total ass. Lately over and after a weekend I've found myself having to send out apologetic texts and such for things I, in my own mind, formulated to be things that if were directed at me I would have labelled as very questionable and probably quite crass. 

I think the "fuck it, I'm young" excuse worked a lot better back in the day. Blaming things on your age instead of your own mindset can get a little funky at times. Smoking cigarettes now will probably make the habit set in for the rest of your life, firing off joints every afternoon will no doubt mess with your schedule for all things important that one should be focused on, but I get it. This is the time for that kind of thing, sure. It's a tough line to make out. It's just lamer now, getting drunk and shooting off a mass message saying someone is being an asshole, sending garbled drunken texts to a girl you like asking "how are you" at 3am is probably not the most discrete way to go about that whole scene. Getting royally pissed because someone isn't answering their phone past midnight, or at 8am on a Sunday. I don't know. We can all be pretty ridiculously unreasonable. It's just annoying at times, and although I am guilty of everything I ever write about, I wish we could just all get together, put our phones in a box and just make a night of it. It probably won't ever happen because I fucking LOVE instagram but such is life now. How do you feel about that? I don't think there's a "we could do that if we wanted to" thought about it. I believe this is truly just how our lives are now and it's very exciting and utterly crushing at the same time. This is what it's like to be young now, and it's good incentive to grow the hell up. But also it's fun. WHAT AM I SAYING. You should want to grow up. 

You know what? Just be rad. Don't be a dick. But, be a dick. When you have to be. You cannot go through life without sometimes being a dick. Sometimes people need to be shot off their high rise stands, I know I do. Once in a while I just need a "Marco, you just need to shut up." moment. I get that. I strive to be a fine human but there's a twinge of "well if you're not going to be one why should I?" which is understandable. You can't be perfect, yet we all know that and still try to be. Resilience. That's admirable. Just don't beat yourself up when you realize it won't happen. If you don't know the person next to you, you can't label yourself as better than them. If you do know the person, you don't know them well enough to label yourself as better them, and you probably never will. WHAT OF IT.

I need to do some Christmas shopping pronto. 

Watch this video and laugh. HARD.

Listen to this band and enjoy it. MUCHLY. 

I'm off for my 2nd latte of the day. Ideal coffee on Dalhousie makes the best latte in the city. And my day job is making lattes, so that's saying something. I like to think I make good lattes.  If any of you jerks ever visited me at work you could maybe attest to that. But I understand the need to get the perfect photo of your starbucks cup. You love starbucks so much but you'd never work there. Fascinating. I'm being a dick. Fuck it, I'm young.

Here's a video of myself and some good friends playing a cover of Coldplay's "Fix you" and I totally fucked up my first note. It's Wilson's channel and he has cool covers of cool songs filmed in cool HD.

Here's a pic of said performance:

Keep the memories in your bones, don't be a dick. 


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