Yeah, this blog is still a thing, bud. 

I dropped these projects like they were hot as school was ending in April due to the face that I was moving out of the old place and into the new as well as embarking on some adventures and trying some new things out. Myself and 3 friends got together and started playing music and it turned into what we call a band and was actually really well received. We call ourselves The Stringers and you can listen to our two live recorded demo tracks here! We did the two demos, played two awesome shows and were played on the uOttawa radio station. It was kind of really fun to just be with like minded and equally as enthusiastic people and watch something come together. Hoping to keep that going seriously. 

The main reason for dusting off this blog was that I have had a VERY good weekend. Myself and my bestfriends went up to the Muskoka region for some serious cottage R&R and to celebrate a dear friend's 21st. Her family is very open and accepting to the idea of a gathering of youngsters and this weekend was no exception! 

The thing is we decided that while we were there we felt so disconnected from our homes and hardships that we got into this weird meta state of absolutely not caring, and it was lovely. It was sincere happiness in meeting new people but also catching up with those we already knew and expanding those relationships farther and forged something more permanent. I know this all sounds pretty, well...lame as shit, but the fact is that's how it went. Just..comfortable. It was really comfortable. 4 nights in a row of getting straight pissed was a blast but as I write this I'm definitely feeling like turning off the liquor for quite some time. I was truly so GAD DAMN happy. 

The drive home was today and it was fucking eery how with every kilometre travelled away from the cottage the anxiety of reality was setting in no matter how hard we reminisced. We're all going to be seeing each other in a couple weeks but still, it was...really hard to drive back. It's odd how in a road trip the drive to the destination is way more fun than the ride back. The fact is you drive past all the landmarks and signs that you've already cracked jokes about, that you've already told the stories that were spurred by them. It's kind of rough. We did alright as we mostly stayed silent and left all the windows down so we could get the good pine air in our lungs and relax with our thoughts of the trip. 

Memorable. I need detox. 

Cheers everyone, I hope you listen to and like the Stringers and that you did some stuff this summer that you will never forget! 

"We do what we do to get by..."

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