do you ever try something brand new that you saw yourself doing with complete ease and it readily backhands you in the face being like "ha, go home, little grasshopper."? 

video editing. has a shitty learning curve. i've always made the joke that i'm "software retarded" (if you don't like the term retarded, i get that, i try not to use it, but let's be real people aren't going to stop using it when they're still calling things "gay" edit: what the fuck are you? 10?) 

MOVING ON, when it comes to software in general, like itunes, photo rendering/editing, even with audio programs that i use a lot, i'm just...bad with them. hardware, my god i'm good. i built my own pc, i understand the concepts of resolutions, inputs, outputs, speaker wattage and more but what is actually going down inside a computer..go away. 

i'm using sony vegas, a well known program but it's not that user friendly when compared to say, an adobe product. i'm not using those because well...cause..i..totally didn't get vegas for free via naughty things way man...

it's tough when you want to work with high quality video. there's codecs to use (whatever the fuck those are), trimming, meshing, stretching, compressing and rendering and oh honey that's not even playing with the audio yet. it's a lot to begin with but i know i'll find a good workflow that's time efficient and the final product won't look like a pixelated view of smeagle's ass. 

so i guess what i'm getting to is do you enjoy things that have a bit of a steeper learning curve? something you have to actually throw yourself at to get good at? why? so it gives you that feeling that not everyone can just "do it"?...because i'll be honest i don't mind that. heck yeah, beautiful woman over there i'll render that video for you. OORRRR do you like things you can ease into well..easily? things you can just casually do and figure that you'll know where everything is? because i'm about three seconds away from throwing things and becoming a lumberjack. for days.

anyways i'm delirious and tired and need to be back at work in 8 hours. also i have an exam thursday worth 60% of my mark and is 60MC questions. this prof needs to go to rehab. 

have you guys seen miley cyrus without any hair? if not you can see her beautifulness here 

cheers from the observation deck that i thought up in a dream,

team zissou

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